Welcome to YAY Help & Advice!

Welcome to our new Help & Advice section of the YAY Technology website! A lot of what we do is help people with general technology needs and questions. It occurred to us that it might be really useful to put some of this information into handy guides and articles that folks can reference and share. Sure, the internet already has a lot of these kinds of articles, but some of our customers really trust us, and want to get this kind of information straight from us. We like happy customers, so here we go!

As a small business, we aren’t able to keep an inventory of every gadget, adapter, and gizmo that comes up in conversation with our customers. In a recent conversation with a customer about some home networking issues he was having, the conversation ended with something along the lines of “so, if I go buy this equipment at (local chain store), it should work ok, right?” The answer was yes, but I felt bad that I couldn’t offer the equipment he needed same day, but was also frustrated to have spent so much time helping him find a solution, but not make a sale from it. (I was of course happy to have been helpful keep a long-time customer.)

So, you may see some links in our articles that look like advertisements. They probably are! We do have families at home to feed and clothe. But here’s the thing – we were not approached to sell products for anyone else. If you see a link to a product, we chose to put it there, probably because the article is referencing it as a good purchase option. If you click on the link and buy the item, we’ll get a small commission. We primarily want the articles to be helpful to our customers and friends, and won’t be linking to products we wouldn’t recommend anyway, and may sometimes reference or link to articles we don’t get a commission from. We just want to be completely transparent about it.

If you have a question you’d like to see us answer in a future Help & Advice article, please let us know. If you have a more pressing, immediate question – give us a call, stop by our shop, or post your question to our Facebook page. We’re happy to help!

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